Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bounty From the Farmer's Market

I am an admitted farmer's market junkie. I adore the freshest of fresh, locally grown goodies I buy there each week.

My love of the farmer's market really began in 2006, when I spent the summer in Portland, Oregon. The climate and overall "greeness" of Portland make it a Farmer's Market hotbed. I was astounded by the number of different fruits and vegetables available. And the artisanal cheeses! Some of the best goat cheese I've ever tasted came from the farmer's market.

I came home later that summer, ready to shop at Rockford's farmer's market. But in 2006, they left much to be desired. Unfortunately, many of the vendor were selling produce they'd bought from the wholesaler. There were very few actual vendors selling locally grown goods. It was disappointing.

The farmer's markets have come along way since then. Gone are the "faux" farmers, now replaced by dozens of local farmers producing anything from garlic to beets! Today I bought garlic, carrots (I love how they look with the tops still attached!), organic mixed greens, cucumber and rasberries. Yum. I purposely scheduled a dinner with my parents for tomorrow night so I could buy what I need from the farmer's market. Can't wait to cook with my yummies.

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