Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Theres No Sunshine When She's Gone"

Goofy title, I know. Its been a particularly cool and gloomy summer in the Midwest. Unlike most people, I haven't minded it. I can have the windows open, don't have to turn on the air conditioning, and don't have to water my plants as much. But today, the gloom is finally getting to me.

Even with all the lights on in my studio and using both my desk lamps, its still hard to really see color. Thats a particular problem with my work as its all about color! For this same reason, gloomy skys also pose a problem when photographing artwork. I was going to shoot pics of and blog about my newest mixed media on canvas, but mother nature thought otherwise.

So instead, enjoy one of my sunny favorites, "Summer Blooms". The original collage was sold to a local collector, but it is available as a print in both ACEO(2.5" x 3.5") and 5" x 7" size in my Etsy shop.

Rain, rain go away. Come back some other day.

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  1. Oh, but when I read the title that song started playing in my head------


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