Monday, July 13, 2009

Gray. Yellow. White. Black.

Gray. Yellow. White. Black.

I am currently enamored with this color scheme. I've used these colors in my last three pieces, and will continue for a bit.

Yellow is not a color that I usually embrace in my work. In fact, its probably my least favorite of colors on a regular basis. There's just something about yellow that works with gray, mellows it out or something.

I've also been trying to work on simplifying in these last few pieces. Throughout my artistic career, I've had a tendency to over-embellish, do a little too much. I'm really working on that and embracing the fact that "less is more". You'll hopefully notice more negative space and less pen in these works. I'm letting the cut shapes speak for themselves.

That's all for now. Happy Monday.

Top: "A Good Vibe" - Mixed Media on paper. Available in my Etsy shop.
Bottom: "Attack of the Killer Consonants" - Mixed Media on Canvas. Available in my Etsy shop.


  1. I love your artwork! Lovely mix and colors.

  2. Well - I happen to LOVE yellow! They look amazing!!


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