Monday, July 20, 2009

What's In a Name?

What should I call this?, originally uploaded by Jennifer Mullin.

I just finished up this ACEO and I'm struggling to title it. I need your help.

I've done dozens of these tiny florals, and named many of them "Floral Improv # " I've grown tired of that naming system and started picking out titles from bits of magazine text I found on my desk while making these pieces.

I didn't want to add any text to this one, it looks fine on its own. So, what do I name it? The color and use of stripes lend this piece a playful, almost "Suessical" or "Wonka- like" quality. The petals themselves remind me of those candy corns (worst tasting candy ever !)

So, I turn to you my bloggies. Suggestions?


  1. Fun! Love the pink and black. Okay, how about:

    Wee Whimsey
    Flights of Fancy
    I Dream in Color
    Lil' Perky Pansy
    Pretty in Pink
    Perfectly Posed

    LOL. I could probably keep going...

  2. Your style is really cool!

    It kind of looks like the North Pole to me! Like with the pole in the background and the little snowflakes/sparkles. How about: Arctic Blooms, Snow Petals, Santa's Garden?

  3. Hi, How about "Floralpalooza"?

  4. The Petal Pieces?
    Beautiful Scattered
    Blow Away

  5. Thanks! I'm liking these. I'll let you know what I finally decide.

  6. "I Dream in Color it is!" Thanks Bren.


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