Thursday, September 22, 2011

Times, they are a changin'

Well hi! I've missed you!

Since my last post, so much has happened! Let me give you a quick low-down:
  • School is back in full swing and I am now teaching with my beloved former art teacher.  We make a great team!
  • After 6 months on the market, I finally gave up trying to sell my house but rented it out to a friend instead. I'm glad to have it occupied for the winter.
  • Matt said adios to teaching and has accepted a new job as a uniserv director with the Illinois  Education Association.
  • I've said goodbye to my lovely and trusty Volkswagen Jetta. (Matt got a new car and I inherited his Honda Element.)
  • I rocked it at a local art fair and sold a lot of work!
  • I've scored a killer art commission.
  • I celebrated a birthday and now am half way through my 30's. (How did I get so old?) 
  • There's a move in the works! 
Well, you should be hearing from more regularly now that life looks to be slowing down a little bit. I'll leave you with a few newbies I made for my last show.  Ta-Ta!