Monday, May 7, 2012

Finding the "Spark"

Hey there internet pals. How are you?

I spent my day working on this piece, and man, I'm glad that's over with! For the last few days, the work has not come easily. Every cut, paste and mark is a struggle. I'm constantly second guessing myself and I'm lacking the confidence that I normally possess in my creative process.

I'm not sure exactly how I got into this little artist funk, but I do know it will pass. I just need to give myself a little time, a little space...... Not be so hard on myself. And soon, I'll find that "spark" again.

So, friends, what do you do when you're in an artistic slump? Do you muscle through? Walk away? Seek inspiration? Where? Do share.

Ta-Ta for now.

* I was just about to post this entry, when I came across my artist/teacher buddy Tabatha Dougherty's blog entry for the day.  The work came easy to her today, and she's "sparking" in a big way! 


  1. i love it, the colour, the placement everything flows,

  2. I run and hide, drink too much coffee and eat too many cookies. After a while, I wander back into my studio and make myself work for a while, and eventually come up with something that I know is good- and think "hey! I'm not completely out of ideas! I can still do this!". I wish I could think the positive thoughts before I fall into the destructive cycle- haven't figured that out yet. Sometimes when a piece is not working, it helps me to look back at pieces that have gone well, and give myself a little credit for what I've completed in the past year- this helps put things back in perspective.
    I like this piece very much- the colors are so saturated and work so well together. I'm absolutely fascinated by the area at the bottom- the perspective in the pattern...what kind of paper is that?


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