Wednesday, December 12, 2012

We bought a fixer - Part 1

 Hi There! How are you? 
Can you believe there are just 12 days until Christmas Eve? Insanity! 
So, the day we got back from New Orleans, we closed on our new house.
 And the work began.... You see, this house is a fixer!

The previous owner had not done any yard work in the last 3 years. 
Though you can't see it in these images I grabbed from Google Maps street view, ivy has taken over! 

Everything was overgrown! Weed trees galore. 
Ivy was growing all over the house and had even grown into the window screens and shutters.
 There were burning bushes that were totally obscuring the picture window. 

The house is huge and has good "bones", but it is totally outdated and covered in smelly carpet.
We've got big plans for this front room. Stay tuned.

The guest bath is one of the worst rooms in the house.  Carpet, ancient brown lowboy toilet, and a pink tub. Eww! 
This room is getting an almost total gut job. After first seeing this bathroom I vowed I would never live in this house!
 Matt had to do a lot of convincing for me to agree to put in an offer on this one.

The kitchen is huge and really is in quite good shape. It's just not our style at all!

This room, as it appears here, is already a thing of the past! 
Our roofer removed the entire kitchen and will be reinstalling it in another house. 
(Felt good that it got recycled!) Work on our brand new gourmet kitchen begins in January. Can't wait!

That's all for now. Come back next week for some early reno/demo pics. Ta-Ta!

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