Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lawn Chair Love

Hi there. How are you? 

I'm happy to have another finished work to share. Entitled "Summer will come again. Someday", this piece seems quite timely. Winter just doesn't want to leave us this year! I about had a come-apart this week when it snowed all over my dafodils! 

I came across this scene while I was attending a party at an old golf course clubhouse a few months back.  I was drawn to the vintage metal chair, but also liked the way the plastic chairs were stacked up behind it. 
You may have noticed that lawn chairs and outdoor scenes have become quite common in my work. I just can't seem to get enough My trusty iPhone camera is filled with scenes featuring lawn chairs that I find when I'm out and about.

I found this one on a porch in Lowertown Paducah, Kentucky, when I was doing an art fair there last spring. 

This guy was found on a roof-top balcony on the boardwalk in tiny Makanda, Illinois. 

My newest piece,  features these beauties that live on the front porch of my friend Heather's house. 

Do you have a favorite lawn chair? Would you like to see it featured in my work? Please send pics! If I use your chair, I will send you a free print of the piece when it's completed. Sound good?

Hope you all is well in your world. Ta-Ta for now!

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