Thursday, March 21, 2013

We Bought a Fixer - Matt Made Built-Ins

Hi there. How are you today?
I'm happy to have another finished space (well, almost finished) to show you!

If you recall, our living room is just one long, open space. 
With the picture window on one wall..... 

......and the fireplace on the other, we were having a hard time figuring out where to set up the TV. 

Matt decided to make a built in. 
Here it is in its very early stages. 

 Here it is now! 
It's amazing what a little paint does to MDF. 

 Matt designed the shelves on the right side of the unit specifically for typewriters. 

This is Matt's favorite.

This is mine. 

The back of the unit is sheathed in pallet wood that we salvaged from the perpetual construction site we once called home. (The condo we spent the last year in was one of the first on the street. They are still building there, and probably will be for another year. So glad to be out of there!) I love the industrial look of the wood and the texture it adds. 

Along the back wall of the room, Matt constructed a wall of bookshelves to house his massive collection of books. 

 It was really tough to get a good shot of the whole thing, with the light coming in from the window. 

I spent a few evenings styling the whole thing. 

I arranged the books in rainbow order on the bottom shelves.
Matt thinks I'm crazy for taking the time to do this...
I really like the way it turned out! 

Matt also designed a space to house his speakers and records. 

Matt's most favorite part of this whole built-in is actually outside.....

He's following in his mother's footsteps and has developed an affinity for birdwatching. 
We found this planter in our back yard when we moved in. Matt recently moved it and filled it up so he could watch out his bookcase window.  He loves to see that the seed is getting eaten and is frustrated that the cardinals that hang out in the bush right behind it won't touch the feeder.

I really do like how the built-ins have given purpose and division of the space.
I have to give Matt so much credit on this project.
 He made a great use of every inch of space on that back wall.
I love that I have a crafty husband!

Until next time. Ta-Ta.

To read our entire "Fixer Upper" saga, make your way here.


  1. Jen, That is so wonderful. Beautiful, creative, stunning. Love the division between the television and the reading space.

    Your styling of the books is gorgeous and worth every minute.

    Bravo to you and Matt.

    1. Thanks much Cindy!Thanks for your "pinning" too!

  2. Really nice job. I like the bookcase and the way you arranged your books. Don't know if I would have the patience but its very effective.

    1. Thank you Carmen! It did take a lot of time to organize the books. I had to work on it in small segments of time so I didn't go crazy!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Chris. You and Joe must come down in see it in person!

  4. I love that you took the time to colorize the books. It makes it look like a wall of art rather than just a cluttered, functional bookshelf. The wood planks behind the TV turned out awesome too. It's looking so cozy now! Great job building your little nest you two.

    1. Thank you Cindy! Gotta give much of the credit to Matt. He was the master planner/carpenter. I was the stylist. I wish you could make it down here when you are in the states this summer!

  5. Here by chance. Matt is sure handy to have around, huh? Nice job.

  6. Just came across your blog through design sponge. This is a beautiful example of the sought-after bookshelves! I love the color coordination!! Perfection. Bookmarking you :)


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