Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Weekly iPhoneography

Hi There. How are you?
 Not much to say today.... Here is my week in photos.

I got some more good snaps on my workday walkabout. 

I stopped to visit my friend Heather's roosters along the way. 

We went up to Rockford this weekend to visit Jack. 
He's at the age where he hates when I take his picture, so this is the only one I got. 
Aren't Matt and Jack twinish?

 We spent some time shopping local in downtown Rockford. 
If you live in Rockford and haven't been to the Rockford Art Deli, you're missing out! 
It's an awesome space and you'll enjoy their humorous Rockford themed t-shirts.

I'm obsessed with the late afternoon autumn light these days. 

Matt and I are catching the train down to New Orleans tonight. Expect some great snaps next week. Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S. I'm have a stupid big Black Friday Sale. Read about it on the blog later today or tomorrow! 

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