Friday, August 3, 2012

Tinker Prints Now Available.

Hi there. Happy Friday! Any big weekend plans? We are going to be sticking close to home this weekend, as it's our last with Jack before he heads back to Rockford.

As promised, I've been adding new merch to my Etsy shoppe.  This week I have started to list prints of my Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum commission. You can see the whole collection of 10 pieces here.

The cutie shown above is entitled "I feel at home" and features a child's size rocking chair that sits in a sunny corner of the Tinker kitchen.  My inlaw's actually purchased this piece at the exhibition opening, and it now sits in their kitchen.  I love that I still get to visit it there.

All 10 of the Tinker prints, along with card sets are available for purchase in the Tinker Museum store in Rockford.  (I believe there are also a few originals available for sale too.)

Ta-ta for now!

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