Monday, August 20, 2012

Month of the Moleskine - Day 8

Hi! How are you friends?

I spent a good chunk of my Sunday working on this drawing. You see number "8" had to be special....It's my favorite number!

I don't know exactly why I like 8's so much, but it's been my go-to number for years.  My college roommates and I had an "8" shaped handshake and also developed a variation of Uno that revolved around 8's.  I used to love to get my cousin to say "huge, orange, 88" (which were his favorite words) when he was a toddler. My long time email handle was "jenmullin88."

I often find myself drawing these ocotillo-like shapes. Guess this is one of the aspects of my time in Arizona that sticks with me.

To see all of my Month of the Moleskine sketches, take a gander here.

Have a super-cool week my friends! (Sorry, feeling my inner dork right now.) Ta-Ta

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