Sunday, February 26, 2012

I've been busy!

Well hi! How are you?
I was home alone this weekend (Matt went up north to see his son) and went on art and design spree. First project of the weekend:!

I bought the domain a while back and finally decided to do something with it when I came across an easy to use artist website builder. was created by the husband of an artist/Rockford friend of mine, Amy Sacksteder.  Mark helped Amy create her site and then decided to help others create sleek, easy to navigate artist portfolio sites.

In just a few hours, I had uploaded 5 albums worth of images, posted my resume and artist statement, and added some contact info. Schmolio even walked me through the steps of pointing my domain name to this site. The whole process was quite easy and I'm really happy with the way it looks!

After getting up and running I turned my attention to my blog. If you are reading this post, hopefully you've noticed the changes. I was tired cluttered look of the sidebar, with all the little links to my other social media accounts. (I should have taken a screen shot of it, shoot!) After doing some research on some of my favorite artful blogs, seeing how others handled links, I decided to make my own "buttons".

I scanned in some of my signature papers (brown craft and vintage ledger) and went to town in Photoshop.  I got to put some of my new Photoshop/Illustrator skills to use that I've picked up at my new job. Yes, I got a new part time job, working in the art department at a local graphic design/trade show display company. (I love it!) Every day I work, I pick up a new little trick or a greater understanding of these amazing/challenging programs.

Anyways, back to my buttons. Aren't they cute? I was so happy with the way they turned out that I decided to create a new blog banner and bio in the same theme. I'm even considering new business cards and labels with this theme. Yahoo for good design!

I need to get moving on my next Tinker piece, so I'll say adieu for now. Do tell me what you think of my new portfolio site and blog update.


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  1. Love the site and the blog design- very clean, very nice showcases for your work and overall style


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