Monday, June 14, 2010

Rain Couldn't Spoil My Day

Wow, what a weekend! It took a lot of work to pull off my first outdoor show, but is was sure worth it.

With the help of Matt, my display panels were constructed quite easily and inexpensively. The panels themselves were made by my dad many moons ago for my high school senior art show. In my 17 year old wisdom, I had painted them with wavy stripes and polka dots. Let me tell you, they were hideous! But a coat of paint fixed them right up. The paint was also "freecycled" from my parent's basement - it's leftover house paint. Score! The only thing I needed to buy was a couple of 2 x 2's to create the panel legs and some hardware. To hang my work, I drilled holes in the panels and used pegboard hooks. Easy as pie!

My tent sides did not arrive in time, but I did manage to borrow some from twitter pal Cynthia, aka amwatergirl. Thank goodness I had them as we got quite a rainstorm on Sunday afternoon. Without them, my work and I would have been drenched! Thanks so much for bailing me out Cindy. (Of course, my panels arrived in the mail today.)

Unfortunately, I didn't get any good pictures of my tent. By the time I thought to take pictures, things got busy and then the weather turned bad. All in all, Art on the Lawn was great, despite the crummy afternoon weather. Morning traffic was strong, and I sold several original pieces as well as many prints and card sets. I made enough money to pay off my tent, cover all show costs and still turn a profit. Best of all......I won Best Of Show!!!! I am thrilled to say the least.

I can't tell you how big of a confidence boost this whole show was for me. It's so easy for me to get down on myself, when things aren't selling on Etsy. All of the positive feedback I got keeps me motivated to continue doing what I'm doing. I'm excited and ready to do another outdoor show!

I am working on a new chair piece as I write this. I sold 2 original chairs at the show - gotta build up inventory for my next show (Greenwich.)

Thanks to all of you who came out and braved the weather and to all of the Art on the Lawn volunteers who we so helpful throughout the weekend.

Have a great week friends. I'll be packing for Italy. I leave a week from today!!


  1. Way to go! Congratulations on your success and best in show. Your art and booth was perfection, you deserve it!

  2. Congratulations! What a boost to have so much great feedback and so many sales!


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