Sunday, February 28, 2010

Falling Food

Last weekend, Jack (my boyfriend's 9 year old son) and I did some drawing in our sketchbooks. Jack started drawing every food he could think of. (He says it's his best subject.) I love how he included cast shadow for each of the foods.

We were running out of ideas of foods to draw, so I got out the illustrated Italian book my mom had given us. (We are traveling to Italy this summer and attempting to learn some Italian.) I decided to include the Italian names with each illustration.

In other news, my passport arrived this week! With my airfare now bought and paid for and my passport in hand, I'm almost ready for my Italian adventure. Matt has booked all of our lodgings in Venice, Tuscany, Florence, and Rome. Now we just wait until June!

Happy Sunday friends.

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  1. Hello!
    I just stopped by after reading your nice comment on my blog. Firstly, thanks for stopping over- as a new blogger, it's alwys exciting to have a new visitor. Secondly- I love the collage work you're doing- the linework added in brings everything together so nicely. Are you familiar with Stephanie Levy's work ( Some of your work reminded me of hers...


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