Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ink Embellishments and Photographing Neon

Hi there. How are you? As promised, here are the 3 abstracts I started last week, all now embellished with ink. I approached each one a little bit differently.

All that's left to do now is to apply several coats of satin varnish each piece. The varnish protects the paper from UV rays, water, and dirt. I often photograph pieces prior to adding he varnish, as it's slightly reflective quality makes it even trickier to photograph these.

Speaking of photographing, it took me a whole afternoon to get decent photographs of these pieces. It is really difficult to photograph or scan neon hues like the orange I used in these pieces. Cameras and scanners just don't know how to interpret larger than life neon colors.

This is what happens when I scan these pieces. The scanner just washes out the color completely. Yuck! Even with some major color correction in Photoshop, I can't get the colors right.

My digital manual camera does better, but I still have to manipulate the images, and even then they don't look quite right.  Anyone out there have any trick to capturing neon accurately?

Until I figure out the neon game, I guess you'll just have to come and see these pieces in person! My summer art fair schedule is filling up. Here's the tentative schedule of where you can find me this summer. Ta-Ta for now!


  1. The line work adds another level of dimension to your work. Really interesting.


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