Tuesday, February 19, 2013

We Bought a Fixer - The Move-In!

Hi there. How are you?
You may have noticed that I didn't blog last week.....
We were busy moving! 

   We were lucky to be able to borrow a truck from some friends.
And some more friends (Hugh and Heather) helped us do the physical moving. 
I only snapped this one picture during the actual move, which features the back of Hugh's head. 
Great work Jen!

It only took 2 trips with the big box truck to get most of our things over to the new house.
By the end of the weekend, we were settling into our new digs!

Matt is working on building an entertainment center and some shelves in the back third of our very long room. 

We've already picked out places for two of our big paintings.

The iMac is up in running.

Our bedroom is in good shape. Just needs some art on the walls! 

And of course, there's this awesome kitchen! 
I promise to post pics of this masterpiece next week. 

There's still much work to be done.
Our guest bath has been gutted, and is awaiting renovation.

Jack's room needs flooring. 
We're getting there and we love our new house! 
Come visit soon. 

Ta-Ta for now! 

* To see pics from our whole renovation journey, click here. 

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  1. The calf painting is fantastic. I've got a huge piece of hardboard cut that I'm wanting to paint a large bull on, but I want it to look like an old etching plate. Your piece makes me want to get to work on my own. Fantastic kitchen renovation too, by the way. We're in the midst of a major house redo ourselves. Good luck!


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