Wednesday, January 9, 2013

We Bought a Fixer - Making Progress

Hi there. How are you? 
Though we still have soooooo much to do at the house prior to move in, we are starting to rebuild from the ashes. We now have 2 bedrooms that are all finished and ready for furniture

The first room we tackled was our master bedroom. Other than getting rid of the carpet and and painting, there was not much to do here. Luckily, this room did not have wallpaper! Are you ready for the reveal?? 

Ta-da! Isn't it amazing what a little paint can do?
We gave the whole room several coats of bright white paint. We're actually painting the whole house white. White gives it that contemporary Scandanavian look that we love and will make a great backdrop for our massive art collection.  And how about that cork flooring? Love it!

We're installing this lock and click cork flooring in all of the bedrooms, hallway and the living room. Isn't it pretty?  

It comes in long planks (about 12" wide x 35" long) that float over the subfloor. No glue, no nails. You just lock the panels together. Though it takes a little elbow grease, it really is quite easy. A lot easier than refinishing hardwoods! The cork feels really nice under foot (much more give than hardwoods) and is supposed to be good at retaining heat. This was especially important in the master, as it sits right over the garage. Brr.

The last thing we did in the master was change out the granny light fixure and replace it with this. This puppy came from Lowes and cost less than $90. 

We've also made over the mysterious "blue room."

We still have some trim to install at the bottom of the "secret room" wall. 

I'm pretty excited to turn the "secret" room into my office. 
The light is great, and it's actually quite a large space!

Next up...The kitchen!
The demo is done and we are anxiously awaiting the builders who are supposed to start work next week. 

Ta-ta for now!

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