Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Month of the Moleskine - Day 30

I did it! 30 drawings in 30 days!

Overall, I really have enjoyed this project. It felt good to produce something on a daily basis and now my drawing hand is really "in-shape!" Just like an athlete, I need to "warm up" if I expect to make quality, detailed work and I get rusty when I've gone too long without drawing. I enjoyed this project enough that considering giving myself another 30 day challenge, but don't know exactly what that will be quite yet....

I had some down time during the art fair this weekend, and I was able to do another drawing....

To see all 30 of the Month of the Moleskine drawings in one place, mosey over here.

Gotta run. Much to do in preparation for next weekend's art fair in Rockford!  Ta-ta.

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