Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tinker Swiss Cottage Commission - 2 More to Go!

Happy weekend friends! I hope that you were able to make the most of the amazing early spring weather. Matt and I just got home from a beautiful hike in Shawnee National Forest.

Since my last blog, I've completed 2 more pieces for my Tinker Swiss Cottage commission.  It was fun to get to use a new color (green) in this last one, which I've entitled "Sitting in the Sun." It's quite St. Patrick's Day festive, isn't it?  I remember the day I took this photo at Tinker, and I loved the way the sun streamed in from the windows and lit this little vignette.

"Window Seat" comes from the same room as my last work.  Wouldn't you just love to sit here for a spell with a good book?

All 10 of my pieces will be on display in the Tinker house on during the first day of Spring Artscene, Friday April 13th, from 5-9 pm. (And I'll be there too!) The works will be displayed in the rooms that they depict so you'll be able to compare the art to it's subject.  I'm excited to see how each piece stands up to the actual space. You will also be able to view the works during the Saturday Artscene hours (3-9) but they will be on display in the Tinker Visitor Center.

Time to get back to work.  Ta-Ta for now!

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