Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Will You Be My Valentine?

Greetings friends!  With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I thought I'd share my Valentines with you.

My “Just a Little Love Song” collection features 3 different collages I created, all based on lovey-dovey Beatles song lyrics. You can buy these cards individually or in a set of 6 (2 of each design).

I just introduced the "Just For Two" card to the shoppe.  I created the original mixed media for my solo show at JR Kortman's last February and thought it would make a sweet little valentine.

I've also got the trusty ole' "Smooch" card available. I made this one back in 2008 and it's easily one of my top sellers.

All of my cards are made by me in my studio, using an archival ink printer. Each card measures 4.25" x 5.5"(folded) and is printed on a nice matte paper.  Though I intended these cards as valentines, you could send them any time!

Please do check out my Sale section in the shoppe. I've got many tiny originals available for a steal.  Art makes a great Valentine's Day gift!

Ta-Ta for now.

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  1. These are great! I guess I had better get busy making one for my wife!


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