Sunday, October 17, 2010

I am a Design Nerd, and Proud of It!


Hello Friends! You may have noticed that things have been a little quiet for me on the art front.  Instead of focusing on new work,  I've been spending my art time on branding and design.

I've got 2, and possibly 3 holiday shows on the horizon and I've been spiffing up all my packaging for these events. As I tell my students, a good package can sell a product and I've been trying to create some cohesion in the way I present myself and my work. 

All of my card sets are now the same standard size and have a little enclosure that shows what's inside. I'm using the same set of fonts on each package and include this little logo on the back of each card.

My card-making has become much more professional over the years. I used to purchase pre-made card backs from the craft store and mount Kinko's colored copies of my work on the front. Now, all of my cards are printed with archival inks on matte paper using my prized Epson printer.  I'm proud of how far I've come and hope to keep growing in my design skills. 

So fellow artsy ones, I have some questions for you. How much of your time do you spend on packaging and design? Did you come up with your "look" on your own, or did you have professional help? I'd love to hear from you.

Have a great week pals. Be sure to check out some of my new card sets available on etsy.

Next up on the blog agenda: Wedding design.


  1. AWESOME! You seem to have been super busy as well. The funny part about being an artist is that it doesn't seem to be all about art. We have to worry about it all - branding, photography, listing and accounting. I tell you - I dont know how we ever find time to create!

  2. I love the details, Jen- it's all looking really great!

    I agree completely about the impact of a well thought-out design message. I've always felt that, while people might not notice specifically if you haven't developed a cohesive brand, they definitely notice when you have, and they pay more attention to a polished, professional set up.

    I use vintage papers in my artwork and papergoods, so follow that aesthetic through in every way I can: I use a vintage typewriter to make tags, I display unframed art and prints in old wooden boxes and vintage metal locker-baskets. I display my papergoods in vintage grain bins and distressed metal bakery pans and cover my display table with one of my grandmother's white linnen tablecloths. I have had many, many comments on the professionalism of my work when delivered for hanging or displayed for sale, and it makes me feel good to know I'm taking my work seriously as a business.


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